An anti-trust case against NABP and others will go forward

NABP and several online-pharmacy organizations are being sued by, which is alleging “that the defendants made coordinated efforts to suppress the plaintiff from engaging in business in the online pharmacy verification and drug price comparison industry. Particularly, the plaintiff claimed that NABP added the plaintiff’s website to a list called “Not Recommended Sites.”

Halfway home (and a long way to go)

First: We’re only about two weeks away from the release of the Pharmacy Compounding Foundation’s third-party, independent analysis of the NASEM cBHT report. The PCF analysis is expected to serve as a much-needed counterweight to the FDA-manipulated NASEM report and should provide a more objective view of compounded hormone therapy. At the proper time, we’ll be asking for your help in using it to educate policymakers about compounded hormones, so stay tuned.

Next: APC’s much-awaited cBHT media campaign — through which we aim to show the human face of compounded hormone therapy — is also set to launch in early April. Finishing touches are being put on the landing page, digital ads, and materials we’ll be providing to compounders like you to inform patients and prescribers about the effort. It’s going to be great (if we do say so ourselves), and we can’t wait to show it to you.

But then: There’s the matter of funding it all. As the headline above says, we’re halfway home: We’ve raised just north of $800,000 of the needed $1.5 million to fund the media campaign, and most of that has come thanks to about 140 individual compounders like you. But there’s a long way to go to get to the goal, and if we don’t accomplish it in the next 75 days or so, we’ll be unable to afford the digital ad placements that are the crux of the campaign.

Yes, we are beginning outreach to vendors and institutions to ask for their financial support. But we also ask that you consider a monthly investment in the campaign of $250 or $500 or even $1,000 to help us achieve the goal. Think about the impact on your compounding business that the loss of cBHT would wreak — and then give to this campaign in proportion to that threat. Consider committing just ONE PERCENT of the revenue you’ll receive from cBHT this year. You can do that at

One more thing: Here’s a cBHT campaign fundraising piece you can share with vendors and prescribers you work with to urge them to invest in the effort.

Like we said, we’re halfway home, and that’s great. We’re counting on you to help us go the rest of the way.

New member resource: Know the kickback laws

As the country moves towards a “value-based” healthcare model, there’s a greater chance of providers bumping into issues with either the Stark anti-self-referral law or federal anti-kickback statutes.

Knowing how interpretation of those laws has changed is crucial for pharmacists. A good starting point is a new document from APC: a white paper from the attorneys at Brown and Fortunado, “Changes to Stark and the Anti-Kickback Statute.” You can read or download it on APC’s website at, along with other public and members-only resources.

EduCon: It ain’t over till it’s over

But time is running out to take advantage of all the EduCon session content.

Don’t forget, you can still “attend” EduCon 2021 Virtual and get all that sweet, sweet CE credit — but only until April 4. So if you didn’t catch it live, no worries! Head over to, register, and check out those great sessions while you still can!

HOLY MOLY! Owner Summit sold out!

APC’s first (annual?) Owner Summit has sold out — we’ve reached the max capacity for our space with well more than 100 attendees. We hoped to create a program that would give compounder owners the information they need and the information they want, and it looks like we nailed it.

(If you miss the conference, you can still keep tabs: Follow us on social media (@a4pcrx), where we’ll be live-posting about the sessions — the Twitter hashtag will be #apcownersummit.)

We’re already thinking of how we can top this for 2022….

Three easy pieces

If you were staring into the fridge thinking, “What three things can an independent pharmacy do to compete with Amazon?” you’re in luck: Forbes has an answer.

Medicare reimbursement

Good news for indy pharmacies, which had been getting the short end of the stick when it came to Covid vaccine reimbursement will see a big change: The Biden administration has raised Medicare reimbursement from $23 to $40 per shot.

Scam calls

 The Arizona State Board of Pharmacy is warning pharmacists about fake calls from people claiming to be with the state board of pharmacy staff or law enforcement. Of note, these calls “spoofed” the board’s phone numbers so CallerID doesn’t help. So, pro tip, in Arizona and elsewhere: Be wary about these calls, especially if they threaten your license or ask for money. (You can read the notice from the Arizona BoP here.)

Medisca commits to five-year deal as platinum patron — including “” domain

MEDISCA LOGOAPC and its longtime supporter Medisca have agreed to a five-year deal that includes Medisca’s five-year commitment as a Platinum-level APC Corporate Patron. The deal, valued at $300,000, includes an exclusive license for APC to use the domain for its upcoming cBHT media campaign, as well as for any consumer-focused follow-on campaign aimed at elevating pharmacy compounding.

“We’re deeply grateful for this support from our friends at Medisca,” said APC’s CEO, Scott Brunner. “It’s a vote of confidence in the work APC is doing. We look forward to a productive partnership with Medisca as we defend pharmacy compounding and protect patient access to compounded preparations.”

District II holds year’s first town hall

Big shout-out to APC District II’s Joseph P. Navarra and Philip Smyth — they held a district town hall Wednesday (our first of the year!) and drew more than 40 compounders from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic for an update on the compounding world with a bit of networking. Nice job!

Our plan is to hold more of these — hopefully one for each of APC’s seven districts.

Philip and Joe

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