August 13, 2021

$1,500,000! cBHT campaign hits goal!

We did it. You did it. Thanks to a generous investment this week from APC member Jeff Bray of Medquest Pharmacy in North Salt Lake City, we have achieved our goal. We’ve raised $1.5 million — $1,500,000! — for our campaign to save and protect compounded hormones. Let that sink in. “It is extraordinary what […]

APC recommends Model Act amendments to NABP

In early July, APC was invited by NABP to offer input on the compounding provisions in the NABP Model Act – the model pharmacy law on which many states base their pharmacy license law.
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n the off chance you missed the big news, FDA has agreed to give states a one-year extension to sign the MOU on interstate shipments of compounded drugs.
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‘It Could Have Been Prevented’

Help fight vaccine misinformation — help promote the documentary “Vaccination From The Misinformation Virus” from ACA’s Pharmacists Public Health Initiatives.
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Oops, they did it again

Yet another NASEM report is coming under fire for conflicts and bias. Quite a pattern.
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Tell FTC about PBMs

The FTC is seeking comment on contracts that may be harmful to fair competition, and our friends at NCPA think PBM practices are a perfect example.
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Cite this

Check out APC CEO Scott Brunner’s piece on our push for urgent-use legislation.
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