October 20, 2020

Fairness and the FDA

Check out the latest entry in FDA Law Blog: “Lemonade from Lemons: Fairness in FDA Enforcement Actions.” It’s about executive order 13924, which says federal agencies “shall consider” fairness in enforcement actions. How might that apply to FDA?

What’s at stake in the Supreme Court?

Specifically the Rutledge v PCMA case? The practices of 1000s of community pharmacies and their patients, that’s what. Our allies explain: “States vs. PBMs at the Supreme Court: What’s at Stake for Patients.”

October 19, 2020

GFI #256: Congress sends a joint letter to FDA

A big thank you to all the members of Congress who signed onto the joint letter to FDA — led by Reps. Norcross, Pocan, and Yoho — asking that the agency withdraw GFI #256 on animal compounding. (Click here to see the list and read the letter.)

October 16, 2020

Rep. Morgan Griffith pens a great op-ed

APC is loving this powerful op-ed from Congressman Griffith about the FDA’s MOU. It makes important patient access and economic arguments against the MOU as presently proposed. Please share and spread the word (and a thank-you to the congressman wouldn’t hurt, either).

October 15, 2020

Tricare stands down, ESI (gasp!) apologizes

The Tricare recoupment fiasco faced by hundreds of pharmacies across the country appears to be nearing its end, with a victory for pharmacists in sight.
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October 13, 2020

Nominations are still open: Run for the foundation board

Join the board of the Pharmacy Compounding Foundation! Help direct its mission, advance pharmacy compounding, and do more for patients. NOMINATIONS CLOSE THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15. Just click here to self-nominate!

GFI #256 comment period is closing!

The comment period for animal compounding GFI 256 is closing THURSDAY, October 15. As written, the draft guidance will restrict veterinary practice, increase prices of compounded drugs for animals, and put animal health at risk. Here’s how you can help — but hurry!
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