They really really like us

Published July 30, 2021

This past week, a single Facebook ad, part of our campaign to save compounded hormone therapy, garnered:

  • 297 “likes”
  • 175 comments (overwhelmingly positive, though a few were … well, stupid)

That’s just one ad among the hundreds our campaign is funding on Facebook and LinkedIn, targeting compounders, patients, prescribers, and policymakers. In addition, traffic at the campaign landing page,, has risen exponentially in July, and we’re up about 100 new testimonials for the month. Best of all, those patients are sharing their stories with members of Congress, and we can track visits to the site and clicks by congressional staffers who are visiting.

Point is, our $1.5 million campaign to save cBHT is beginning to hit its stride. Only thing lacking is the last $40,000 that will put us over goal — and allow us to fully implement the remaining ad buys.

If you’ve invested in this effort, thank you. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. Consider now whether you can do more — just a bit more? And if compounded hormones are part of your practice but you’ve not yet given to our campaign: Stop hitchhiking. Stop allowing others to bear the burden of saving your bacon (so to speak). Invest now, do your part, and you just may put us over goal.