Here’s opportunity knocking

Published July 23, 2021
Timing is everything, as they say. Right now, the timing is perfect for you to help drive home to policymakers the seriousness of the threat to compounded hormones.

Here’s what’s up:

Over the past six weeks or so, our cBHT media campaign has begun to get traction on Capitol Hill. Through the (slightly creepy) wonder of modern technology, I can tell you that over the past month, our campaign landing page at has been accessed more than 200 times by more than 65 congressional offices. On top of that, our lobbying team has been socializing the issue with individual members of Congress, meeting with their staffers and sharing our briefing documents.

That alone is good news. But here’s the opportunity to capitalize on that good news:

Congress’s summer recess begins July 31. That means that for most of the month of August they’ll be back home, in district, and looking to interact with their constituents.

There’s no better time for you to schedule a pharmacy visit with your U.S. representative or senator. Next to Compounders on Capitol Hill, there’s no better opportunity for you to share one-on-one with your elected officials your concern about the threat to compounded hormones. (You can also tell them about the good our urgent-use legislation, HR 3662, will do in shoring up gaps in the drug supply chain).

It all starts with a phone call to your MOC’s office to make the invitation. Download our simple guide for scheduling and conducting the visit, and once it’s scheduled, contact us here at APC and we’ll share the latest talking points and background so you’ll be completely up-to-speed for the visit.

Please seize this opportunity to show your member of Congress what you do and talk with them about the challenges your compounding patients and practice are facing.

Your timing will be impeccable.