A tremendous gift

Published July 23, 2021

Lucy Malmberg, compounding hero and co-founder of Wedgewood Pharmacy, has contributed $225,000 to APC’s cBHT media campaign. Thanks to her generous gift, we’re now within a hair’s breath of our $1.5 million goal!

The campaign has already been running online ads targeting members of Congress and their staff as well as FDA staff, directing them to Compounding.com where they can learn the truth about cBHT and the people who rely on it … in those patients’ own words.

We’ve also increased our podcasting agenda, with our spokespeople having already been recorded on 14 shows, with 11 more scheduled for the next few weeks. In the works are print ads, more podcasts, and outreach through social media influencers … but it all depends on having the funds.

Lucy’s generosity is a huge boost to the campaign. Now we’re about $45,000 short of our goal. Help us cross that finish line — contribute to save cBHT directly, and don’t forget: If you’re shopping at Letco Medical, contribute to the cBHT media campaign when you checkout — it’s just one extra click: