Your cBHT business is at risk. Here’s how to confront it.

Published December 9, 2020

If you compound hormones for patients, you need to be worried — and so do they. The FDA has said it will consider restricting or even eliminating cBHT based on a faulty research study.

This is an existential threat for the compounding industry, and potentially a nightmare for the millions of Americans who rely on cBHT therapy. It will require an ambitious, long-term, and nationwide effort to stop it.

The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding, with your help, is stepping up to protect your business and your patients.

The plan

We’re planning a three-year, multi-pronged campaign to focus not on statistics, but on the human face of compounded hormone therapy: the patients it helps.

What do we mean by “a human face”? We’ll show you. Check out this proof-of-concept video for a feel of the campaign’s tone:


APC is planning a nationwide electronic, print, and video effort targeted at the people who can make a difference. (Here’s a three-page brief on the campaign.)

We’ve already laid the groundwork with an independent analysis of the flawed NASEM study at the heart of FDA’s excuses (generously funded by the Pharmacy Compounding Foundation and available early next year). We’re also collecting testimonials about the human value of cBHT on our portal ( — we have more than 2,400 so far, but we need at least twice that.

Both of these will provide helpful information — ammunition, if you will — for the fight ahead. But they aren’t nearly enough.

The budget

This must be a tremendous effort — we need to raise $250,000 by the end of December for development and testing of the print, electronic, and video ads for a launch in February 2021. The full rollout will need $3 million over three years. In fact, we have already raised more than $120,000.

  • If 100 compounding pharmacies pledged $2,500 each — a small investment considering the scope of the threat — we would hit our initial goal immediately.
  • If they each chipped in just one percent of their cBHT revenues each of the next three years, it would cover the entire campaign — and allow us to protect the other 99 percent of that revenue. A small price to pay.

But the question isn’t how much it will cost. The question is: What will happen to your business and your patients if you cannot compound hormone therapy?

Right now

Please, take a moment and join your colleagues as a part of the solution — protect your patients and protect your business before restrictions take effect.

This is more than a contribution. It’s an investment in the future of your compounding practice and the ability to provide patients with the compounded hormones they need.

Thank you. If you have any other questions, we’d be happy to answer. Drop a note to APC staff at or call us at (281) 933-8400. And for more information on the threat to cBHT and what APC is doing, visit