Reminder: Help us get cBHT data from your prescribers

Published December 11, 2020

As part of our effort to save cBHT, APC is helping to gather evidence from physicians that supports its safety and efficacy of cBHT.

We have developed a brief survey on Google Forms, which will take no more than five minutes for your physicians to fill out: Compounded Hormones for Female Patients is a survey assessment of prescribing habits and methods used to evaluate the safety and efficacy of female compounded hormones. This survey includes an invitation to contribute with potential case studies for scientific publication.

Please ask the physicians you work with to participate (by February 15, 2021). The kind of real data it will help us catalog will be vital in establishing the safety and efficacy of cBHT.

The link to the survey is

Together we can save cBHT.